Transient Landscapes is a pre-recorded mix series, run from London, broadcast on Melbourne’s Skylab Radio, the show aims to highlight themes of distance and movement through imaginary spaces in music.

Upcoming Dates:

Plastic Village, Spanners, London, 22/04/22
Pseudo Pseudo Curiosités, Spanners, London, 25/06/22

Previous Dates:

Black Tower Projects, London 11/12/21
Poitoumata, Poitou-Charentes, France 25-27/09/21
Soft/Quest Day Party, Avalon Café, London 12/08/21
Kho-nnection at Le Klub, Paris 6/03/2020
Loose Knees 9 at Rye Wax, London 20/12/2019
Enigma La Crypt, Paris 12/10/2019
Brilliant Corners with 404 Eros, London 29/06/2019
‘D-Day or B-Day‘ Disquaire Day at Bigwax Records, Paris 15/04/2019
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